Janelle Winters, PhD Student


Janelle Winters is an infectious disease researcher and global health historian. Her PhD project focuses on how global health institutions and policymakers have defined 'success' in infectious disease control programmes. Specifically, she is analysing the construction of success for the World Bank and World Health Organization's hallmark programme to control river blindness in West Africa - the Onchocerciasis Control Programme - from 1974-2002. 

Before beginning her PhD, Janelle worked as a program manager for international disease diagnostics and biosafety programmes at the American Society for Microbiology. She also taught global health in Bangladesh, blogged for the Smithsonian Institution, and worked in immunology and infectious disease laboratories. Janelle holds a Masters of Arts in the history of medicine (Newcastle University), a Masters of Science in epidemiology of microbial diseases (Yale University), and Bachelors of Science degrees in both zoology and history of science, medicine, and technology (University of Wisconsin- Madison).