Marlee Tichenor,

Postdoctorate Research Fellow


Marlee Tichenor holds a PhD from the Joint Medical Anthropology Program at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. Her doctoral dissertation, "Malarial Proximities: Senegal, the Pursuit of Evidence, and the Silver Revolver Approach to Global Health," investigated both the design and implementation of projects to combat malaria in the Global South. She spent a total of 14 months in Dakar, Senegal over three years working with the National Malaria Control Program, a biology lab, a public health center, and a community-based organization in a suburb of Dakar. Her academic interests are in science and technology     studies and its convergence with an anthropology of global health. As a part of this project, her work will focus on the development of the concept of the global burden of disease at the World Bank and the impact of metrics on global health policy.